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Pizza Ovens


Belgard Brick Oven designs are inspired by traditional oven designs first used over four thousand years ago. The secret is our authentic, low-height Neapolitan dome design. The design creates a unique FlameRoll™, which generates high, even temperatures for balanced cooking and genuine wood fired taste.

Our ovens are available in bundled kits for custom designs or modular and mobile units for smaller installations. From compact urban spaces to expansive suburban backyards, there’s a Belgard Brick Oven product to fit your business and your customers’ needs.

Made from high-strength, cast-refractory materials, our ovens ensure long-lasting performance and reliability. All components are built in the USA, and have been specifically designed to withstand North American climate extremes.

Belgard Bordeaux

42 ½"D x 53 ¼"W x 92"H
Belgard Bristol

4'D X 4'W X 8'1'H

Belgard Color & Material Options


For large families and people who love to entertain a crowd, the CBO-750 bundle kit is the right fit. Design a one-of-a-kind oven yourself, or enlist a professional contractor to help you create the perfect centerpiece of the kitchen you’ve always imagined.

Encase your oven with the enduring look of brick. Face it with stone to blend into the natural landscape. Surround it with stucco for an authentic Old World touch. It’s up to you. Chicago Brick Oven kits allow you to have an outdoor living space that’s without equal. Made entirely in America, the CBO-750 offers over 41" x 28" of cooking surface and is certified to UL and NSF4 Standards for safe indoor installations. Inside and out, the CBO-750 bundle kit includes everything you need to experience the high heat of our signature FlameRoll.™
  • 5-piece oven (dome, arch, 3-piece hearth)
  • Decorative door, flue adaptor
  • Install kit (insulating board, insulating blanket, mortar)
  • Cooking kit (pizza peel, brush)

The CBO-500 bundle kit is a great choice for layouts that require an oven with a smaller footprint. It can easily fit into most outdoor kitchens and provides 29" x 23" of cooking surface. Installation is straightforward, but requires some hardscaping experience.

Chicago Brick Oven kits are the best available and are made entirely in America. Just choose your style and facing material. Use any combination of stone, in any texture or color, to create a stunning oven that will fit your outdoor kitchen or patio motif.

With our CBO-500 custom bundle kit, you’re equipped with everything you need to fire up our signature FlameRoll.™

  • 4-piece oven (dome, front hearth, main hearth, arch)
  • Decorative door, flue adaptor
  • Install kit (insulating board, insulating blanket, mortar)
  • Cooking kit (pizza peel, brush)
Stone Age Pizza Oven
Stone Age Brick Oven